Keep Patients UP-to-Date

On their payments, annual check-ups, appointments
& lab work

HIPAA Compliant - Fully Encrypted

Low-Cost Appointment and Billing Reminder Services

We customize and send professionally recorded appointment and billing reminder phone calls, Emails, and Text Messages in either English or Spanish at a fraction of the cost of manual calls

Contacting patients prior to an appointment reduces no-shows and cancellation rates for physician practices by up to 70%

For every doctor, your staff can save an average of 25 phone calls/day

  1. Ability to direct connect back to a live voice
  2. Lab Work, Surgery and Imaging appointment reminders included
  3. Send messages after hours, evenings, and Sundays for Monday appointments
  4. All the messages are customized with a Human Voice
  5. We are compatible with any practice management, scheduling and EMR software.

No long-term contract - Zero setup costs

Pricing starts at a flat rate of $75.00 monthly (After Free Trial) with Text, Email, and Phone Call Appointment Reminders included

30 Day Free Trial

 (No credit card or financial information requested)

Over 99% of organizations who try, like us and continue with our service

Benefits and More Information About our Services

Besides reminding patients about their upcoming appointments, We also offer a billing reminder service that will alert patients of an outstanding medical bill. Not only does this save on the costs related to paper statements but it increases the probability that a payment will be received. Average increase in collections 15%

Try it for Free

We offer companies a free trial to let them try it out without making a commitment. After that, we can be contracted on a month-to- month basis so you are never locked into a long-term commitment.

The setup is free as is training, which is simple and easy. we offer our clients the option for English or Spanish reminders and will provide free live transfers.