Would you like to have a simple way to manage the referrals you are currently working with and have an easy way to increase the number of referrals you are currently receiving? 

Our company offers a unique HIPAA-secure referral management solution enabling attorneys real-time, two-way communication about their clients and their referral status with other attorneys, medical providers, or the client www.products4attorneys.com

We can help you, your referral partners, and your clients by automating the entire referral process.

Working with us you will have your own portal and dashboard with the who, what, when, and where for scheduling referrals with other attorneys, and healthcare professionals

  1. You will easily request and track, review, respond and store relevant referral documents.
  2. When sending a referral, you will ensure the receiving practice or provider is aware of the client referral and that an actual appointment gets made and followed through upon.
  3. When receiving client referrals, you will be ensuring a smooth hand-off from the sending attorneys or medical providers, no missed communications, and no lost opportunities for you the receiving attorney.
  4. You will Reduce Risk to Cases by easily staying on top of medical appointment adherence and clinical & diagnostic results delivery.
  1. You will streamline your in-house LOP processes as well as be able to find healthcare providers willing to work with a LOP.

Included with our service is Our Sales Growth Tool

  • Monthly mail/digital marketing campaign on your behalf to the medical providers in your area.
  • We will supply custom video for the practice as well as print material
  • Your practice is enabled to provide a free pre-configured license of the Referral System to unlimited attorney and medical providers which enables them to communicate with you via your portal with the ability to make drag-and-drop client/patient referrals directly into your law firm.

To ensure each medical provider uses the platform day-in and day-out (so they are constantly reminded of your law firm by the banner ad at the top of their screen), we connect each of them on the platform to up to 9 other medical providers that they send daily referrals to (who will also see your ad). Experience and our multiple pilots have shown us that once a provider on our system has more than 3 or 4 providers connected to them on the system, they will keep it open all day because of its incredible ease-of-use in managing patient referrals. On average, more than 50% of healthcare providers the average provider works with are not integrated with their EMR systems, so a drag-and-drop system for managing patient referrals without having to deal with phone calls or faxes is a godsend to the overworked medical office coordinator.