allergy testing and treatment program

We assist with a Clinic’s start-up of an Allergy Practice using the Gold Standard for allergy testing and immunotherapy.

We offer a highly profitable easy to use Turn-Key solution designed for the PCP.

Are you missing out on a reimbursement that can be a substantial added income at the same time being a huge benefit to your patients?

A huge portion of the population have allergies that go undiagnosed or treated, we offer medical practices a simple profitable solution for testing and treating their patients.

Most primary care practices will see anywhere from 2 to 7 patients per day with this common complaint and Most practices do nothing for a patient,

Takes 15 minutes 100 allergens tested.

How is the practice reading the test? — We provide a testing sheet that you use with a measuring ruler to record the numbers, and then we have the clinic email the results page over to our Lab which it then evaluated by the NP and the formulation for the serums is created. Instantly know if your patient should have immunotherapy

Reimbursement billing Testing is billed by the practice directly with an average net reimbursement of $400 from Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial insurance per patient for doing the test + CPT 99214 office visit paying $120 – $150.

Reimbursement billingFlat rate price for immunotherapy $750

  1. Insurance will reimburse the practice for the immunotherapy mix for Shots (SCIT) Profit on the lowest payer is $3600.
  2. We have our expert allergy biller meet with each client to make sure that they are maximizing profits

We supply your practice with training and support materials and on-going support services by phone and email.  

During onboarding the Clinic, We will provide Clinic with certain handouts, forms and other written materials which may be useful to Clinic’s Allergy Practice.  Specifically, we will provide the following (the Program Materials):  

  • Allergy Surveys 
  • Patient Injection Logbook/ Dosage Schedule 
  • Patient Informational Materials 
  • Coding and Billing Handout 
  • Allergy Testing-Statement of Medical Necessity-Prescription Form 
  • Home Based Immunotherapy Compliance Agreement 
  • Intake and Consent Forms 

Training Services

  • One Virtual Training Session for licensed medical professionals who will administer allergen testing in the Allergy Practice 
  • One Virtual Training Session for staff and administrators  
  • A video of each training session will be made available for future use by the Clinic for subsequent training of additional employees. 

Support Services

  • Telephone Support is available M-F 9am-5pm pacific time.  
  • Email support is available. 
  • We will provide support to the Clinic for issues arising in the operation of the Allergy Practice relating to administering the tests and treatments.

Consulting of Allergy Process in Clinic

  • Custom allergy mixing titration. 
  • Clinic workflow consulting 
  • Workflow adjustment recommendations 

Program Fee: $2,500 per Approved Location.  Includes fifty (50) Testing Kits, together with antigens, and testing forms. 

Immunotherapy:  $750 per patient.

To begin testing or answers to question contact. Call or Text 727-645-7774