Automate your Cognitive Care Plan!

Innovative software allows your patients and their caregivers to self-administer assessments for CPT 99483.

Improve patient care

Save time

Generate revenue

Dear Health Care Provider

Medicare covers a separate visit for a cognitive assessment so you can more thoroughly evaluate cognitive function and help with care planning for your patients with cognitive impairment.

In 2022 GreenLight launched a software solution to allow patients and their caregivers to self-administer the required assessments for CPT 99483 at home via a telehealth clickable link or in your clinic to evaluate cognitive, behavioral, and functional status.

We can help you to improve patient care and generate additional revenue for your practice without disrupting your current workflow! 

The program is simple to implement, we become an extension of your practice with our turnkey program.

Your Medicare patients should be receiving this service every 180 days if clinically appropriate and the National Average Payment is $283.08. Depending upon your demographics,

If you report evaluation and management (E/M) services, you can offer this service, including physicians (MD and DO), nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and physician assistants.

Medicare covers these services, and your pricing is just $45 per use with no minimums, no upfront cost, with no ongoing commitment.

1 assessment per day @ $238.08 net reimbursement = $61,900.80 annual net revenue

Minimal Staff/ Provider Time
Clinically Valuable
High ROI


Identify patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia by observation, patient report, or a validated screening tool.


Assess using GreenLight’s software which allows your patients and their caregivers to self-administer assessments for CPT 99483 with minimal disruption to your current workflow.


Review intuitive one-page summaries containing actionable data to drive your cognitive care plan, and discuss your findings and recommendations with the patient and his/her caregiver.


Order the appropriate referrals based upon the patient's and caregiver's needs uncovered by GreenLight’s comprehensive battery of assessments.


Earn $272.79 every 180 days (based upon 2023 National Payment Amount).

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