Referral Management

We offer a unique referral management solution enabling providers real-time, two-way communication about their patients and their referral status.

We enable diagnostic centers, medical providers, and attorneys to easily track, review, respond, and store all relevant referral documents through their own portal and dashboard in real time.

Our platform automatically coordinates patients, scheduling systems, healthcare professionals, referral forms, signatures, reports, and faxes.

We save staff hours of work by no more sitting on hold, dealing with virtual phone systems, voice mail, or just playing tag.

With our platform you will manage your referrals in seconds, not minutes or hours.

The system manages documentation and communications between all three parties: the patient and both sending and receiving providers.

It is not necessary to share the same EMR or be integrated into sender or receiver systems.

The practices you work with use your customized portal to send you the referral, the information you require, and any other images and requests.

  • Consolidate patient data: Collect, store, and manage comprehensive patient information in a centralized database.
  • Streamline scheduling: Coordinate appointmentsand avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Facilitate communication: Enable secure communication between healthcare providers and patients.
  • Customizable Templates: These allow for easy entry of patient information, facilitating a quick and tailored patient encounter.
  • Cloud based: simple to use application, fostering seamless data exchange Compliance Support: Functionality that aids in meeting regulatory standards, such as HIPAA and ICD-10, Coding, et al.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Tools that compile data into meaningful reports, providing insights for better decision-making.
  • Telehealth Capabilities: Features that enable remote patient consultations

Sending Providers$499.00 monthly

Ensure the receiving provider is aware of the patient referral and that an actual appointment gets made and followed through upon. Issues along the way can be communicated back to the sending provider, allowing for mitigating actions to be taken.

Receiving Providers $499.00 monthly

For receiving patient referrals ensuring a smooth hand-off from the sending provider, no missed communications, and no lost opportunities for the receiving provider. Ability to send patient results back to the sender and easily communicate with the sender, even when you are not integrated into their systems.

Legal Market LOP (“Letter of Protection”) $499.00 monthly or sales growth tool $1,299 a month

Increase Operational Efficiency
Streamline the LOP process as well as finding healthcare providers willing to work with an LOP.

Reduce Risk to Cases
Easily stay on top of medical appointment adherence and clinical & diagnostic results delivery.


Sales Growth Tool for Receiving Providers and Legal Market (LOP)

At $1,299 a month, we enable all your sales reps to provide a free pre-configured license of the Patient Referral System to all the sending providers in their area.

  1. This is assured to give you a dramatic increase in patient referrals because you will be giving something of huge benefit to both providers and patients
  2. No sending provider will want to give up the relationship after using your customized portal, you will be simplifying their referral management
  3. Allowing you to cut back on other forms of advertising mostly because of word-of-mouth advertising. When providers know you have this system in place they will want to get set up
  4. Provides both you and the sending provider a patient referral system that reduces your sending provider’s effort to mere seconds instead of potential minutes or hours

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