The SONON 5000L setup is as easy as downloading the app, following the getting started instructions, and scanning. Since the high-quality images display directly on the smart device, there is no need to purchase any additional equipment.

The SONON 5000L is a wireless system that uses Wi-Fi to connect with most iOS and Android smart devices. It easily syncs to smartphones and tablets using the SONON app, and the lightweight handheld probe provides maximum portability.

Cost $5000 with travel case

New Generation Ultrasound

Improved image quality

  • Realization of VSETM next generation ultrasound engine by expanding 1-dimiensional beam forming to 2-dimensional beam forming
  • Another level of technology in handheld ultrasound algorithm field
1st Gen
2nd Gen
  1. Obtained clearer round shaped image on the edge of the bone phantom model
  2. Obtained clearer image at 6cm depth than previous device
  • Ergonomic design with maximized portability
  • Planning to enter an International design fair

Next Generation Ultrasound engine VSETM(Virtual Space Expansion)

Expanded from 1-dimensional beamforming to 2-dimensional beamforming

VSE tech amplifies valid signals which previously recognized & removed as noise

Irradiate  2-dimensional ultrasound beam and reconstruct the images by time sequence, this technology provides high spatial resolution

Optimization technique developed to massive data and data processing

Comparison of image quality with new gen, previous Sonon, and competitors

DDH(developmental dysplasia of the hip)

Hip joint image comparison for DDH diagnosis

Excellent competitiveness

Eric Karukin 

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