Why Choose Us?

We Are a Highly Complex Specialty Refence Laboratory.

We are a highly complex, advanced diagnostic lab that specializes in the following areas:

  • General / Routine Chemistries
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Testing
  • Allergen – Specific IgE Blood Testing
  • Women’s Health CGx- Hereditary Cancer Screening
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Patient RX Monitoring
  • Molecular
  • Wellness Panel
  • Why Choose Us?

    We Are a Highly Complex Specialty Refence Laboratory.

    Our test reports are easy to read; with built-in logic. We also have a secure online portal for easy access to results.

    We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, and provide effective solutions in a timely manner.
    -Phlebotomy Service
    -EMR Interface

    Fair Billing
    Insurance is billed less than most labs, and we have a patient-friendly billing policy.

    Easy-To-Use Results Portal

    View & Manage Patient Results

    Easy To Use
    Results Portal
    Keep records organized
    & find information easily
    with multiple search

    Secure Login

    Convenient Search

    At a Glance Results

    Integrated Reports

    Our Services

    (PMLS) is proud to offer  MD HealthPro which consist of MD HeartPro, MD WellnessPro, MD DiabeticPro, MD GeneticPro, MD AllergyPro, MD DrugPro, and MD ChemistryPro.


    Save More Lives
    • Advanced Cardiovascular Testing
    • CVD Early Detection & Prevention


    Integrative Medicine to Support
    Healthy Patient Lifestyles
    • Wellness Panels

    Routine Chemistry

    We Handle all General Chemistry
    • General / Routine Chemistries


    Identify Allergy Triggers, Optimize
    Treatment, Improve Quality of Life
    • Allergen – Specific IgE
    Blood Testing/Finger Stick


    Protect Your Patients and Your Practice
    • Toxicology • Patient RX Monitoring


    Risk Factors & Health Outcomes
    Associated With Polypharmacy
    • Comprehensive • Chronic Disease
    • Behavioral


    Complementary Test to Fingerstick
    Glucose & A1C
    • Pre Diabetes • Post Diabetes

    Hereditary Cancer

    Hereditary. Cancer Screening. Know Your Risk.
    • Hereditary Cancer Assesment
    • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)


    HCV Genotype Testing
    • Detect all 6 common HCV genotypes and
    1a, 1b subtypes
    • Ability to detect co-infections

    Women’s Health

    Improve Care with Comprehensive
    Women’s Health Solutions
    • Effectively Diagnose and Treat BV/CV and
    STDs with one sample source

    RPP & GI

    Fast & Accurate Infection Diagnosis
    • Respiratory & GI Pathogens
    • 48 hours • All-in-one test


    Personalized Medicine to Improve & Save Lives
    • Pharmacogenomics • Genetic Testing


    Accurate & Reliable Diagnosis
    • Identifies causative pathogen
    • Diagnosis with high sensitivity


    Innovative, Non-Invasive Testing With an Early Detection
    • Detects both localized & systemic

    Wound & Nail

    Protect & Diagnosis Infections
    • Detects in or on normal skin
    • Molecular diagnostics


    We provide you with intuitive easy-to-read results provided in a timely manner.


    Our convenient tools help streamline the testing process and help you get back to caring for your patience.

    Full Service

    We provide a valid range of laboratory service - giving you valuable insights into your patient's health.


    We work with doctor's offices all over country. Call us today at 727-999-3119

    For Full Details: call or text 727.999.3119