High Quality

Lyophilized & Liquid Reagents at a Fraction of the Manufacturer Cost 

High Quality Lyophilized & Liquid Reagents at a Fraction of the Manufacturer Cost

We offer high quality, low-cost liquid and lyophilized PCR reagents. These reagents are lab developed and used to process thousands of PCR samples each day by that same lab. Since they are lab developed, we can sell them at a lower price than the competition. Our goal is to offer a high-quality product at a lower cost and help you increase your bottom line.

Our Reagents



Benefits of Lyophilized Primers (Lyoph-P&P) Vs Liquid Reagents

Lab to Lab program

You can stop turning away the testing you don’t do in-house and start offering and billing for more panels without out any investment in equipment or additional staffing.

We charge wholesale pricing to you for many high demand tests.

Complete end-to-end service helping you easily build your testing menu without a big up-front investment. Our turnkey model makes it easy to grow your lab quickly!

We can white label the testing and help with marketing material if needed

Custom Marketing

Videos, web content, blogs, patient resources branded for your lab

Streamlined Process

Easily expand lab menu in just days, easy ordering and reporting process

Billing Assistance

Expert billers to consult on best billing practices and expected reimbursements

Our Current Panels and Sample Prices

(subject to changes)



Nasal or NP swab 

COVID-19 Pool Testing


PCR test through saliva sold in pools of 24/bundle




COVID-19 Antigen


EUA-Registered, NP and oropharyngeal available



Identifies 22 urinary tract pathogens

PCR – Respiratory


Respiratory pathogen panel, 24 pathogens

PCR – Gastro


GI pathogen panel, 22 pathogens

PCR – Wound


Identifies 15 wound pathogens

PCR – Nail


Identifies 22 nail pathogens

Women's Health


Test for vaginal disorders and STDs



17 genes/SNPs 44 genes/SNPs

Genetic - Cancer


Determine risk of developing 8 cancers

Genetic – Cardiac


Genetic predisposition to several cardiomyopathies

Genetic – Pulmonary


Determine risk for hereditary pulmonary diseases

Genetic – Neurologic


Determine risk for hereditary neurological disease

Genetic – Diabetes


Determine genetic predisposition to getting type-2 diabetes

Male/Female Wellness


Comprehensive blood panel for annual health screening 

Blood – Allergy


100 environmental, food and insect allergies



Oral and urine toxicology, screen and confirmation

Animal Allergy Test


Environmental and food allergens for pets and livestock

PCR Kits

$2 or less depending on quantity

UTM with NP Swabs

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