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Tablet, Cellphone Reimbursable Mental Health Screenings / In person or Telemedicine.

The initial Psychological Testing covers these tests:

Substance Abuse Profile, ADHD Testing, Depression Testing, Anxiety Testing,
Bi-Polar Disorder, Somatic Symptom Disorder, Suicidality

Testing is reimbursable by Medicare, and most Commercial Insurance Reimbursement is $15.00 up to $160.00 per patient depending on what screening and triggered testing is done. Billing is simple and has established CPT codes 3 in 4 patients will not require further screening so they will be done in about 1 minute (Reimburse $15 done 4 times year) Those that trigger further testing will continue with a personalized screening just for what is indicated from their answers. The system is intelligent and does this automatically. This additional screening will take between 2 and 5 minutes on average and once completed the patient is asked to hand back the device. The tablet automatically resets and is ready to be handed to the next patient.
  • No setting up a patient – No logging in, just hand a tablet to your patient and their ready to go.
  • Assessments are made available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese
  • Results are instantly scored and downloaded into your EMR with our seamless interface and are available for instant viewing.

Priced at a flat monthly fee of $499 per provider with EMR interface.

Special program $50.00 monthly for: Family counselor Licensed Clinical Social Workers(LCSWs),
Licensed Professional Counselors(LPCs).
Informational purposes only with no EMR interface.

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