Neurological Illnesses

Clinical Trial Referrals

We are a clinical trial matching and patient placement service for Neurological Illnesses.
We offer doctors an easy way to access local clinical trials for their patients with illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Headaches, Dementia
• We reimburse doctors for their time and efforts
• There are no patient minimums, you do not need to be the principal investigator, and no added work for staff

It works like this:
• We have you use our HIPAA-Compliant software which matches your patient’s unique conditions to clinical trials in the local area
• Our software takes care of all the burdensome and administrative tasks
• Then we give you a weekly report of those matches for your review
• We pay reimbursement of $200 for each review regardless of whether you approve the patient for a trial or not, and we give you additional reimbursement for any patients, that you approve that enter a trial.
• For the patients that are approved for a trial we have a team to get them registered and onboarded

If you have an interest in knowing more, we just need to set you up for a 10–15-minute call with one of our team members. They will answer any questions you have and get you registered. We will send you a clickable link to your email, which will bring you right into the call at the time you choose, or you can just dial in There is no download needed.

To get on a scheduled 15-minute call please send me the day and time that works for your calendar