Sometimes you must get creative to bring in new patients to make money for your practice

We help doctors safely integrate Social Media, Chatbots or Facebook Messenger, Text Messaging, and Mobile Website Design into their medical marketing plans to generate new patient leads and to improve the communication process with patients by providing multiple ways to communicate with your office.

Get help with bringing in new patients for your practice from professionals!

We offer more than fair pricing. We get you New Patients

What We Do?

Search Engine Optimization

Customized medical websites and mobile websites

social media

Practice Development

New patient lead generation

When you work with us, we will uncover and define, locate and target your “perfect patient” using demographic, geography, co-morbidity, insurance reimbursement and referral targets and, social media you may NOT be using that will help build your practice… and your profits!

Initial setup is between $1500 – $3500 depending on what you have in place and what your needs are.

Monthly costs for marketing need to be discussed on an as needed basis, everything we do is customized to your needs.

Once you are a client you are assigned a specific account rep for all your needs

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