Wi-Fi for your customers

Marketing program for you

We help you automatically capture the mobile user’s data which can include email address, mobile number, social media demographics, time/date & more.

Users’ opt-in to your list and future marketing via Social Wi-Fi access format.

Your brand can retarget consumers with customized email, mobile text or social media messages, promotions or correspondence.

We will do your marketing campaign for you each month, including customized email, mobile text or social media messages, and promotions, whatever message you choose.

emails, flyers, coupons… we will design everything for you

To begin you will need to setup a Wireless Access Component (One-Time Fee $69.00/device) Wi-Fi 6 Faster Speed and more powerful 200 plus users.

We’ll help create, set up, and launch email and text campaigns to let your customers know you are open to serve them. This will eliminate the cost of email services such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. Plus with our assistance we will eliminate the learning curve for you and your staff. This will save you both time and money


Our exclusive WiFi hotspots will automatically collect marketing data each time your customer visits your location. With complete access to our robust marketing platform, creating additional marketing packages will be a dream

With our $219.00/MO service you get

  • Wireless Data Capture System
  • Auto Import of All Data to Your System
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Unlimited Email Blasts
  • 2,500 Included Contacts (additional available at a nominal cost)
  • User Support via US Based Support
  • Data Driven Built in Audience Feature
  • Customized Newsletter Templates
  • Retention Guru Smart Campaigns
  • Customized Login Screen to Log Into, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Monthly Marketing Meeting (30 minutes)
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Automated Come Back Reminders
  • Constant Contact or Mail Chimp Integration
  • Rewards to Repeat Customers
  • Separate Your Customers to Market Specific Groups
  • Text Messages: 1,000/month (additional available at a nominal cost)
  • You Own Your Data. We Will Never Sell Your Data.


  1. Additional Text Messages (+1,500) $25
  2. Additional Managed Customized Email Campaigns $25
  3. Reservation System $75
  4. POS System Integration varies but works with most Systems
  5. Facebook Campaigns call for quote
One-Time Fee $179.00/device

One-Time Fee $179.00/device


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With our $219.00/MO service you get

With our $219.00/MO service you get


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