Full Spectrum Wound Care Program with AI App

Our AI enable Wound Care Imaging, Assessment, Managing and Monitoring System designed to raise productivity and quality of your Wound Care Program with Biologics and Skin Substitutes for Chronic Wounds.


Who Can Use

  • Home Health Companies 
  • Skilled Nursing Homes 
  • Hospice 
  • Wound Care Centers 
  • Physicians or Nurse Practitioners
  • Mobile Wound Care

Program Benefits

Our revolutionary wound platform provides tremendous benefits to healthcare professionals and organizationsOur wound program takes advantage of a now permanent Medicare (CMS) policy due to COVID-19. A COVID waiver now allows Medicare part B patients with stage 3 and/or stage 4 chronic wounds to be treated with our turnkey platform at their bedside.  


What's Included

  • Our proprietary software app that automatically measures stage 3 & stage 4 wounds with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to develop a custom treatment plan that often includes advanced biologic skin substitutes. 
  • A custom DME kit for these patients at no cost to the facilities saving thousands of dollars per patient that now includes the most advanced skin substitutes!  
  • “Push button” progress notes and treatment plans utilizing AI based documentation that exceeds Medicare guidelines, and ensures a compliant reimbursement for wound care providers.  
  • A national wound management company providing wound care management with advanced biologics that is healing 95-97% of these wounds typically within 5 treatment applications or less.  This eliminates the need to for home health or hospice companies to transfer patients to hospitals allowing them to maintain their census.  
  • A medical billing company with 20 years of expertise billing DME and advanced biologics to ensure reimbursement for our wound care providers, while compliantly mitigating any risk of non-payment or claw backs. 

Benefits for Wound Care Physicians, Nurse Practitioners or Wound Clinics

  • Best in class wound management app reduces documentation time, increases compliance, and reduces adjudication issues. 
  • Hugely profitable Skin Substitute Rebate program for wound care professionals with 60 day payment terms.  
  • Add thousands of dollars to your monthly revenue.
  • Ability to substantially improve outcome and decrease healing times without having to move the patient to a hospital.  
  • Proprietary biologic ordering and tracking portal with training. Expert billing and consulting team to ensure maximum compliant reimbursement.   

Benefits for Home Health & Hospice Care

  • Maintain patient census – No need to transfer stage 3 or stage 4 Medicare part B patients out of their care to other facilities for wound treatment. 
  • No cost to Physicians or NPs to conduct on-site management of all Medicare part B stage 3 and stage 4 wounds.  
  • No cost proprietary App uses AI and machine learning to automatically create a treatment plan, and to share and update progress notes that are above Medicare guidelines with all caregivers.  
  • No Cost DME supplies now including advanced skin substitute biologics to speed healing up to 5x faster! 
  • Simple HIPAA form for consult. A contract or agreement is not required. 
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