Wound Care
Membrane Solution

We set providers up with several available skin Substitutes and currently provide 26 various graft options.

We help you in purchasing and getting reimbursed correctly for wound membrane including completing and submitting the IVRs, prior authorization assistance, ordering and tracking delivery of products, preparing, and submitting PAs, writing denial response letters when needed.

Available products: Barrera, Orion, Membrane Wrap, WoundPlus, Dermacyte… virtually any skin substitutes on the market


Step 1 You send us a “master” IVR (with patient demographics and insurance info.

Step 2 Our IVR team runs all our grafts against the patient’s information so you will know what skin substitutes a patient’s insurance will reimburse prior to you placing an order.

Step 3 You decide what graft, place an order and the graft is delivered the next day.

Step 4 You bill for graft and procedure. 

This is just a summary, so please give us 10 minutes to show why many wound care providers prefer to work with the consultative services we offer that and much more value to a practice than a distributor that wants to sell you what lines they carry.

We make these products available to your practice: Zenith, Impax, Surgraft, Orion, Wound plus, WoundEx, Woundfix, Carepatch, Barrera, Xcellerate, Complete FT, Procenta (liquid), Interfyl (liquid), Biovance, Dermacyte, Aminoband, Guardian Restorigin, ColleDerm, Resolve, Innovamatrix, Palligen, Wound Ex, Helicoll (collagen), Celera… Can your current supplier do that?

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